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Fab Lab - The TASIS School in Dorado

Design, consultancy including equipment selection, and construction supervision were provided for the creation of a Fab Lab in The TASIS School in Dorado. Located inside a K-12 school, the Fab Lab offers students the opportunity to invent, create, solve problems, understand the engineering design process, and turn their ideas into reality.

Fab Lab TASIS Dorado is a 1,200 square foot space in which students can gain experience with the latest in technology, while developing skills in research, design, and creative problem-solving. Our space will provide the means and support for people to design, prototype, and test their ideas by using both high-tech technology and low-tech tools. The aim of our program is to transform education and expose members of the local community and students of every level to the experience of bringing their own ideas to life. Equipment provided in the Fab Lab includes a laser cutter, desktop CNC milling machines, 3D scanners, and two different types of 3d printers. We also have a lounge area for idea development, brainstorming and consulting. The equipment and space at Fab Lab TASIS Dorado is open for student, teacher, classroom and community use.

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