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Mycellium Blocks - Bio Design MatInn 3015 course

Course Description

Traditional methods of generating construction materials can be increasingly harmful for the environment. The production of cement and concrete contributes directly to the the production of greenhouse gases, through the thermal decomposition of the carbonate calcium that produces lime / carbon dioxide and also through the use of energy, in particular of fossil combustion for its manufacture.

This project aims to challenge the traditional production of tectonic materiality, looking for alternatives in emerging fields of the material sciences. The final exercise consists in developing a graphic and physical proposal for an architectural component with ornamental block properties.

The architectural component will be a wall module with a maximum size of 6in x 6in. A pattern design should be considered for an ornamental block that meets the basic requirements of transparency and ventilation.

These blocks will be bio-manufactured using live materials. In this case the material used will be "mycelium" of a type of specialized mushroom and formulated to grow "at home", Consequently, its design and manufacture must consider the time and conditions required to grow the material and keep it alive.

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