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Smart Reuse Network

The Smart Re-Use Network is a 2012 research project conducted in the Advanced Interactions group of IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) and Fab Lab Barcelona. It was developed from the idea of bringing people together into a smart community that recycles and reuses their objects. It is based in the current Smart Citizen Platform, which accepts the input of Data from sensor devices to measure environmental information like contamination, sound, light, temperature, etc.

Recycling and managing waste in the city becomes interactive in a way that the user is directly involved in a ‘game-like’ environment always having information accessible about location and condition of "things" in the city. A whole new environment of ‘exchange shopping’ can be achievable by joining community efforts and precedents that are already working and available in the city of Barcelona. The proposal implies using the Smart Citizen Platform to visualize and account ‘things’ in the city. A platform that provides the instruments to reuse and exchange items in an interactive manner. Multi-device applications can be accessed at any time to view the real-time data while specific actions can be done to acquire a desired item. The Users can use the open information about things to track and reserve items, and then look for them by using common terms utilized in available recycling forums like: "look for", "reserved", "offer", etc.

Search particular items that people are offering in the city by using the current platform. In this example, the user could search for chairs available in the city.

The use of an interactive realtime updated map combined with common language used in current available recycling communities (codewords like: offer, look for, reserved, etc.), provide a new platform of Smart Citizen participation in terms of urban object exchange culture.

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