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PR Rebuild Hub- Honorable Mention Prize- Volume Zero Competition

Transportable maker-space modules for post-emergency citizen engagement and object creation using digital fabrication tools. * Honorable Mention, Volume Zero Competition*

After the search for survivors, the clearing of roads and distribution of food and water (emergency period), a vulnerable but highly resilient island like Puerto Rico needs the tools for the community to fix and rebuild back what was lost. After hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, many were affected by broken or missing parts of their dwellings and many others lost many objects and valuable belongings.

This proposal intends to use a deployment of pre-assembled maker space modules to organize the communities in a space where people can create and fix things of various scales. Other than object creation the project also invokes community integration and a multidisciplinary approach towards social engagement.

Critical economic conditions combined with the pass of hurricane Maria make empty lots a common typology throughout major cities in Puerto Rico. This context makes for a perfect location for post disaster makerspaces.

Stuctures will be assembled composed of four modules, each with a digital fabrication technology inside. 3d printing modules, laser cutting, manual tools and cnc rooms will be the main focus of the makerspace. The structure will be located on central empty lots that are accesible to different communities. Apart from the technology to be used it is imperative to provide workspaces and tables for users.

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