<Agency for Design, Architecture, Prototyping, and Technology Advancement>

<innovative design should fit between the natural, digital, physical, virtual, and analog realm>

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we are adapta.io, a group of multidisciplinary innovators that approach design problems using innovative tools


<What Projects?>



adapta implements services through:

In-house Design

Our studio deals with design challenges at all scales, from product to architectural design


We consult established entities who need advise for innovative applications toward solving design strategy problems


We love educating. Our founding members teach or give seminars at various institutions ranging from schools and Universities to professional education

Innovative Initiatives

We are often developing new products and collaboration with awesome people



no b.s. job titles. straight to the point.


we are emergent professionals in an emerging world. our team have skills that integrate virtual reality, digital fabrication, parametric design, environmental analysis, and IoT with contemporary design and architectural development.


we got you covered


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